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I am Member of the Illustratoren Organisation e.V.

And Member of the artistic Collective Tapir&Klotz

You can buy some of my works on Port of Art

I was born 1984 in Hamburg and already at a young age I got inspired working with pens, paint and paper.
After my graduation from high school I traveled through south america where I attended an art class in Buenos Aires, Argentina which gave me the idea to study illustration.
In 2011 I graduated with a diploma in illustration and in 2014 I finished my Masters. I work as a freelance illustrator mainly for children books. Many of my inspirations come from my own childhood but also from people and animals that surround me. When you look closely you can see that a snoring dog or a cat tumbling from the roof full of bliss could be inspiration for a whole bookshelf full of sketchbooks. (Foto: Till Gläser)

Clients: CCKids, Lonwardt, Streetlife e.V., Sadtteilbüro Hohenhorst, BS Bergedorf, Startloch e.V, Integrationshilfen e.V., Goethe Institut, Flottneser e.V., Impetus, GEOmini, arte, attac Hamburg, we.illustrate Magazin, Boktor Magazine, Laweatz Stiftung, Eltern, tata-Verlag, Amiguitos Verlag, La Fragatina Verlag, Utopie Magazin, ver.di, Kinderhilfswerk Mali, HAW Hamburg, Gudberg Nerger, Gestalten Verlag, Gruner+Jahr, Jung von Matt, Netto, SOS Kinderdörfer, Gecko Kinderzeitschrift, Carlsen Verlag, Kleine Gestalten Verlag etc.